Top ten reasons to visit St. Maarten Destination

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Top ten reasons to visit St. Maarten

Sint Maarten / St Martin will still your heart becoming one of your favorite destinations to travel.

Top ten reasons to visit St. Maarten

1. Island addiction
Sint Maarten will steal your heart becoming one of your favorite destinations to travel. This place attracts the attention of thousands of tourists that end up coming back every year to enjoy the wonders of a unique tropical paradise.
2. Great shopping
The entire island is duty-free; find best prices for great bargains on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics and even food. The tax-free prices make shopping a fun event and a great experience filled of benefits. Be sure you know where the best shops and stores are located so you get all fabulous things you want to buy.
3. Diving fever
Explore the reefs and wrecks in the island, submerge into the turquoise waters of St. Maarten and delight yourself with beautiful and healthy reef systems as with fabulous wrecks with an enormous variety of marine life. Experience the underwater world and go for a happy diving.
4. Best nightlife
By night the island comes alive with over a dozen casinos and active nightclubs, bars and pubs that are filled with lots of local entertainment. According to your preference there are indoor and open-air partying atmosphere sceneries with great drinks and music for an unforgettable Caribbean night out.
5. Great weather
The Caribbean is known for it's great weather and Sint Maarten is not the exception, from January to March is probably the best time to travel. During summer you'll likely to experience some wet weather, this wet season runs from May to October. The typical maximum daytime temperatures ranges between 29-32°C (84-90°F).
6. Two in one culture travel
A true tale of two nations, with a dual heritage and customs make the island a cosmopolitan and unique place in the region with a double name Sint Maarten / St. Martin. House of the Guavaberry rum that can be tasted at the numerous beach bars and nightclubs, entertainment is foreign enough to be exotic guaranteed.
7. Friendly people
Over 120 nationalities can be found on St. Maarten and regardless their nationality you will see a lot of smiling faces around. This island is to be enjoyed with the friendliest and helpful people that are always cheerful and happy to help. Get a wonderful and warm reception from the moment you arrive and a merry stay wishing you a further come back. No reason to be worried at all.
8. Outstanding landscapes
Experience the natural beauty of Sint Maarten the attractive mountains view will keep your eyes wide open. Full of great spots to watch the sunset it feels like being in paradise. With plenty open space contrasting with dramatic green mountain is impossible to overlook the picturesque view while the sun is up. On the seaside many sailboats anchored just off its shore for an unforgettable sight.
9. Caribbean gourmet capital
Three capitals converge in this island, the French capital and the Dutch capital making a melting-pot for the third one the Gourmet capital. With more than 300 fine restaurants to choose from, Sint Maarten matures a European cuisine with a Caribbean flavor to become a culinary world leader.
10. Great beaches
37 different beaches to enjoy and relax either a remote and desert beach or a buzzy one with rocky cliffs. All kind of options, for the honeymooners, families with kids, and for sport practicing activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, and many others. The island has it all!