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Get the best tips before to land in Paradise


Once you place a foot at the Villas you just need to relax and enjoy, the rest is on us:


The best way to enjoy St. Maarten is by car. Ask Front Desk if you wish to arrange your car or call directly the car rental toll-free number.

Looking for another ways to get arond the island?

Taxis: You can find them all around the island or booked at the front desk They're unmetered, so agree on a fare before entering the taxi.

Water taxis: They can transport you over the water and you have fun at the same time.

Motor scooters: Get everywhere avoiding traffic. This is the perfect choice for the adventorous type.

Public bus: Convenience and cheap at the same time, the ride cost around $1.50 USD and it covers almost all island roads. To know the routes or schedules ask the driver.

Limousines: A stylish way to move around St. Maarten. Service to be previously reserved.

Walking: You can walk through a guided path that leads you from the cruise facility to Philipsburg it only takes you 15 minutes. Just be careful of the traffic. Depending on your itinerary and the places you wish to visit, walking is a convenient way to move around the street of St. Maarten, you will find your way amazing sites and many friends.

The Villas at Simpson Bay FAQ's

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