The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort Location

A private island just for you

The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort

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The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort is located on the south coast of Curacao in a private quiet island that has a lot to offer.

The resort is in the neighborhood called Bapor Kibra next to the Curacao Sea Aquarium, the Dolphin Academy and the Curacao Substation facilities.


Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Encounter

Get close to the dolphins and receive a lovely kiss. The trainer will teach you about their body parts and regular activities they do.

Dolphin Swim

Swim and interact with them, hold their dorsal and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

Dolphin Snorkel

Great for experienced snorkelers who can swim along dolphins in a free dive down.

Open Water Dolphin Dive

An unforgettable adventure to dive with dolphins and submerge for an experience right in their natural habitat.

Curacao Substation

The deep-sea experience is something that you will always remember. Spend unbelievable time diving in a submarine for a sublime adventure. Get a close view of wrecks and fishes.

A professional crew will assist you and accompany during the undersea trip. Feel privileged to have done this.

Curacao Sea Aquarium

Enjoy your time with sea animals, a great occasion for feeding, petting, photos and good quality time with charming staff that makes sure you are enjoying yourselves.

Get close to flamingos, pelicans, stingrays, large turtles, starfish and more. Kids will love the sea creatures encounter.