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Things to do in Curacao

The island offers a variety of attractions to enjoy and a multitude of things to do all year around.

Things to do in Curacao

Hato Caves Expedition
Find cave paintings, stalactites and stalagmites. With more than 200,000 years old this land formations were used for shelter and hiding places. Located on the north side of the island it's a great activity to experience the island history and nature.
Floating Market
One of Curacao's most famous and picturesque sights. Is great to visit if you are in Punda, from downtown it is easy to walk by. The buying is best at 6:30 am—too early for many people on vacation—but there's plenty of action through the afternoon.
Christoffel Park
Nature lovers will find the park teeming with local birds and plants, including species, which are not easily seen elsewhere on the island. The park also organizes special activities and visitors are welcomed from Mondays to Sundays.
Dolphin Academy
Get the opportunity to meet dolphins, swim, snorkel or even dive with these special animals. Dolphin Academy is a natural facility that offers you the possibility to get to know dolphins in a fun, informational, responsible and educational way.
Maritime Museum of Curacao
The island Curacao is inextricably linked with the sea. If you want to enrich your knowlegde about the maritime history of Curacao while staying in a Curacao, then you pay a visit to the Curacao Maritime Museum. You can relax at the museum's harbor side cafe, and browse in its gift and souvenir shop.
Shete Boka
Is a National park in Soto that is named for the seven inlets but in fact there are more than those. It offers rocky coastal views and is a great way to view the dramatic ocean environments of Curacao.