Top ten reasons to visit Curacao Destination

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Top ten reasons to visit Curacao

Choose Curacao as your travel destination and we're sure that you'll want to come back time and time again! Reasons to visit include:

Top ten reasons to visit Curacao

1. Caribbean music
The extremely talented musicians create an extraordinary atmosphere to share beer and liquor with the locals. The cool live acoustic music allows you to meet interesting characters and have a great time.
2. Natural healing
Getting conscious about looking good is necessary to keep oneself in shape. To heal yourself Medicine Traditions of the Caribbean can provide you with herbal remedies and curative herbs.
3. Sea animal encounters
Learn more about sea animals and spend time with them, get up close and personal with the Curacao Sea Aquarium programs and enjoy this unique opportunity and once in a lifetime experience with marine life.
4. Time for shopping
Known for is shopping; the Heerenstraat and Breedestraat streets were designated for selling. Both located in Punda district offer a wide sort of products such as black coral jewelry, leather goods, and wooden shoes. Find items that are traded locally or are from major clothing designers.
5. Blue drinks
Home of the curacao liqueur that comes from a dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, this island is responsible for the best stunning deep blue drinks. A wide range of cocktails to chose from for a fantastic experience.
6. Never ending summer
A beautiful sunny weather all year long make Curacao the ideal location for a perfect vacation destination great to escape the cold winters and have a sunshine Christmas. Average temperature is eighty-five degrees.
7. Meet the locals
Experience a rich heritage and blooming culture with remarkable diversity of people from the ethnic inhabitants, the Arawak, the Dutch, West Indian, African and Latin a cosmopolitan experience to be shared.
8.Thrilling fusion of Caribbean and European foods
Products from around the world can be found in supermarkets and could come from United States, Europe and South America. Popular dishes include: stoba, guiambo, kadushi, sopi, mondongo and funchi.
9. Perfect beaches
The island's north coast is rugged but the south side of the island has, calm crystal clear water creating over thirty tropical beaches perfect for current-free swimming and snorkeling ideal for a time of relaxation.
10. World Heritage Site
With centuries of history Willemstad, capital of Curacao is a captivating town being the only World Heritage Site in the Caribbean, with world-class museums, and unique hotels, a great atmosphere for and wandering around shopping and sightseeing.