A fantastic journey through a great land

Tips to enjoy Aruba

    Entry Requirements:
  • A passport that is valid upon entry and for the duration of stay in Aruba.
  • A valid visa sticker.
  • A valid return- or onward ticket.
  • A completely filled-in and signed Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card).
  • The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin.
    Duration of admission:
  • 30 days is the maximum period of time that a tourist can be admitted to Aruba. In total a person cannot exceed 180 days per year visiting the country.
    Departure Tax
  • Departure tax is $34 USD per person is required upon departure.
  • Electricity is 110 volts /60 cycles, American appliances should work without any difficult. There is no need for converters or adapters.
  • The Aruban florin is the standard currency of the country, but U.S. Dollars are accepted everywhere.
    Key Facts:
  • Useful general knowledge facts and information about Aruba are listed below; great help if this is your first time visiting:
  • Official or Native Language(s): Dutch, English and Papiamento are the official languages of Aruba.
  • Currency: U.S. Dollars and Netherlands Antillean florin in cash or credit card
  • Population: 106,113
  • Country dialing code: 011-2978
  • Time Zone: GMT - 4

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