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A new way to vacation

Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection provides a points-based usage program that offers Members unmatched flexibility to customize their vacations according to their specific preferences. Current Members at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina may enroll in this program and enjoy the option of choosing to occupy their fixed week at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, or selecting points as their vacation currency on an annual basis. New Memberships for Royal Reosrts Caribbean Collection are also available.

Enjoy the Ultimate Flexiblility

Selecting, points as your vacation currency offers greater ossibilities when ypou vacation, including:

Unlimited Destinations
Return to Simpson Bay Resort & Marina or explore new locations around the world.
Any Check-In Date
Possibly save money on airfare by flying mid-week instead of weekends.
Number of Nights
Choose the number of nights you prefer to stay and enjoy more vacation time throughout the year.
Size of Villa
Maximize your points by choosing only the space you need; a larger villa for vacationing with friends and family or a smaller suite for intimate getaway.
Time of Year
Vacation when you want, choose peak season or use fewer points to stay longer during value season.

Special incentives are now available. Visit our Membership Sales Center located on the 3rd floor, just below the lobby, or call from the resort ext. 5800 toll free USA and Canada: 888-852-8450.