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New Online Services

Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection members can use online services to check points balance and book club reservations. Fixed week members can convert their weeks to points by contacting us at 855-821-7722 or 305-925-3006 if you are a member of Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection. To access your benefits with Interval International and exchange your points with them, please visit

If you are a registered member

If you have a Login ID and a Password access the Club Website clicking here

If you have not registered yet

Please take a moment to register and create a Login ID and Password, follow this simple instructions:

1. Access the RRCC Club Membership Website.

Click here and follow this link

2. Click on the "Register Now" button:

Royal Resorts Caribbean Members

3. Enter the required information and create a Login ID and Password, then click on the "Create Login" button:

Login Royal Resorts Caribbean Membership

4. You are all set! Go to the RRCC Club Website and enter your Login ID and Password:

Login Royal Resorts Caribbean Club Website

Learn About Our Exciting Promotions

We are currently offering special pricing and incentives for new members. To learn more about the Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection membership program and how to get the most flexibility and travel options available, please visit our Membership Office located located on the 3rd floor of The Villas, just below the lobby. Please feel free to call us at ext. 5800 from the resort; or toll-free 1-888-852-8305 or send an email to