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Sint Maarten / St. Martin

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About Sint Maarten / St. Martin

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Sint Maarten / St Martin?

Being the smallest land mass in the world shared by two nations, the French Saint Martin (approximately 21 square miles) and the Dutch Sint Maarten (approximately 13 square miles), this place offers a live example of synergy, where the interaction of two countries gives a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. This place is everything but an isolated piece of land!

While visiting Sint Marteen / Saint Martin the fun, pleasure, happiness, entertainment and excitement is exponential to the amount of sunsets you get to enjoy. As an island Sint Maarten offers a healthy holiday, an ideal escape from pollution and the neurotic rhythm of the city life.

Welcome to Sint Marteen, the most friendly Island in the Caribbean!

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With the fresh sea air, the tranquil way of life of the inhabitants can be described with ease at a leisurely pace. Surrounded by familiar people apart from relatives and closest friends, harmony is all around for everyone to experience and sooner than later share a magnetic feeling that results in a big shinning smile.